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man playing virtual reality with Microsoft hololens

ISM Announces its New Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Strategy & Implementation Practice

February 19, 2021

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) will be the most disruptive technology for the next decade. Worldwide spending on VR/AR is forecast to accelerate out of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing from $12 billion in 2020 to $75 billion in 2024 to $1.5 trillion in 2030. Largest initial VR/AR applications will be in training & education,…

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digital hotel

Emerging Technologies Can Keep Your Digital Hotel Solidly Booked

February 11, 2021

Virtual gathering places for customers benefit from collaborative and immersive apps Our Forward-Thinking clients are leveraging private digital customer communities to foster engagement with their customers. These collaboration communities are built on software such as Telligent, Salesforce, Higher Logic, and others. They integrate tightly with your CRM system and data management platform. We like to…

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Shore Up Your CRM Foundation

November 23, 2020

GIVEN that CRM systems are no longer a small-budget item, companies suffering from CRM system user fatigue need to get proactive about driving their systems’ success as the economy moves through COVID-19 recovery. Remember, your customers’ needs have changed and will continue to change because of COVID-19; now more than ever, you need to engage with them in their…

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Technology alone is not the answer…

March 27, 2020

There are many reasons why companies fail to transform customer data into value, ranging from lack of executive sponsorship to data privacy issues to incomplete data to not having the tools to unlock this value. But by far the most important reason is a failure of the executive team to appreciate that technology alone is…

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Contextual Relevance

Contextual Relevance: Do's and Don'ts – Part 2

March 20, 2020

Contextual relevance can also help you capture anonymous prospects who may visit your website or otherwise engage with your brand without identifying themselves. Using contextual relevance to gather new prospects Existing customers are always easiest to target. That is because we have the most information on them, which helps to create relevant messages and enables…

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Contextual Relevance

Contextual Relevance: Do's and Don'ts – Part 1

March 13, 2020

Contextual relevance – the practice of delivering the right content through the right channel at the right time to customers at all stages of the buying journey – is the key to capturing and retaining customers in today’s omni-channel, digitally-connected marketplace. This particular blog post will offer some examples to illustrate its value. Contextual relevance…

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Data Foundation

A Solid Data Foundation

March 6, 2020

More data has been produced in the last two years than in all previous history. And thanks to the Internet and an ever-expanding variety of connected devices, the amount of customer data available to businesses and brands is growing exponentially and will continue to do so. Properly collected and analyzed, customer data can deliver increased…

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Customer Journey

Contextual Relevance is critical to capturing customers

February 28, 2020

More than 70% of today’s customers make their buying decision before speaking with anyone from sales or customer service. To secure the sale, you must find them before they find you with timely messaging that’s relevant to wherever they happen to be in the buying cycle. This isn’t easy in today’s digital world, where customer…

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contextual relevance

Contextual Relevance: The right message, in the right place, at the right time

February 21, 2020

Everyone agrees that more relevant marketing generates better results. But what does “more relevant marketing” mean in practice? It means delivering the right content through the right channel at the right time – with appropriate messaging, customized for individual prospects and optimized for wherever they happen to be in their buying journey. This is much…

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Data Analytics Excellence

Transforming Customer Data into Value

February 14, 2020

Today, more than 11 billion Internet-connected devices produce more than 8 zettabytes of data per year. By 2025, forecasts call for 80 billion devices and 180 zettabytes of data, respectively.  The amount of data available to help you better understand your customers and their interactions with your brand(s) is greater than ever, and it will…

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Branded Digital Communities

Branded Digital Customer Communities Why You Should Consider One and How to Get Started

February 14, 2020

By Kathy Barton A branded digital customer community is like a private Facebook community, where you own the content, define the rules of the road, and moderate and curate the content. These communities offer many benefits to companies looking to promote business goals while providing members with information, support, interaction, and camaraderie. Some of these…

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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Has a New Destination: The Digital Customer Community

January 31, 2020

With disintermediation on the rise, and with more and more customers demanding digital access to companies, there is no better way to welcome your end customers than to invite them to your “digital customer community.” This concept is made possible by the social media community software available in today’s market, a powerful tool that allows…

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Artificial Intelligence CRM

How AI is Impacting CRM (Already)

January 31, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is red-hot and for good reason. Coca-Cola is an example of a company that leverages AI to squeeze every drop of insight it can from the customer data it collects. Ever wonder how Cherry Sprite came about? Coca-Cola created Cherry Sprite as a new flavor after monitoring data collected from “smart” self-service…

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Digital Transformation Effort

5 Building Blocks for Digital Transformation

January 31, 2020

Sixty-nine percent of decision makers use social media for purchase decisions. Ninety percent of buyers trust peer recommendations. Ninety-four percent of B2B buyers conduct online research before making a purchase. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba continue to raise the bar, forcing every company to rethink its digital strategy. No wonder 89 percent of executives say…

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business process change

Realizing Effective Process Change

May 11, 2016

By Barton Goldenberg Business process change is a delicate mater, for automating a broken business process will only make matters worse and negatively impact the success of the customer-centric system implementation.  Possible customer strategies may include but are not limited to: Digital Transformation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Customer Communities, Customer Engagement, Data & Analytics,…

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