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The Evolving Market For Smart Glasses

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The Evolving Market For Smart Glasses

There is a critical battle brewing in the general smart glasses market. And this industry fight will likely set the future direction for AR glasses.

AI glasses add AI to glasses that include a camera, such as Meta’s Ray-Ban Wayfarer device. When the Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses launched, they had a built-in audio feature and cameras on both sides that could take still and video pictures.

The other class of glasses on the market are products like Xreal’s AIR 2 Ultra and Viture’s XR glasses and others that focus on giving users a large screen to use to play VR-focused games and applications. These products can also give the wearer multiple large screens simultaneously.

However, the holy grail for smart glasses is one that integrates the video screen into the glass lenses and can show the information you seek via audio responses. These will be multimodal in that they can deliver a Mixed Reality (MR) experience but not one that includes immersive VR.

In describing the current state of VR glasses versus AI glasses, the holy grail of smart glasses will be an MR solution.

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