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The Importance of Data Integrity

The Importance of Data Integrity

I was recently asked by an ISM client about the importance of data integrity in a CRM implementation.  Here are my thoughts:

Data integrity consists of two processes: data cleansing and data management. Data cleansing/data management is a core component of every successful CRM program, and it should be developed at the outset of any CRM program. Data integrity should include ways to document current data inventory, develop data standards, cleanse existing data, and develop processes to maintain, change, and enhance the quality of your data. The justification for data integrity is critical as illustrated in the following:

  • Quality data is a strategic asset that will impact your CRM system success.
  • The quality and accuracy of data (i.e., customer, market, competitor, product, and supplier data) in the CRM system will impact a consistent, error-free way to enhance the customer experience.
  • Data inventory is important to determine the source, location, flow, and extent of existing data to understand which data may be used for the CRM system.
  • Data cleansing is critical to eliminate any data duplication. For example, eliminating duplicate customer entries will reduce marketing costs by preventing duplicate marketing mailings, faxes, and emails.

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