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The Increasing Market Adoption of Mobile Social CRM

mobile social crm

The Increasing Market Adoption of Mobile Social CRM

By Barton Goldenberg

What is the most important business application that one can have on a mobile device?  By 2018, I believe this application will be Mobile Social CRM. (Social CRM functionality accessed on a mobile device) Four key reasons are driving increasing market adoption of mobile Social CRM:

Reason #1: Mobile Devices

The almost-universal adoption of mobile devices among Millennials, and knowledge workers generally, has created an enormous market opportunity for mobile Social CRM. Two types of devices stand out:

  1. Smart phones

Smart phones are essentially pocket PCs on a mobile device.

  1. Tablets

Tablets are increasingly replacing PCs and laptops. While Apple’s iPad led the way, almost all PC vendors are now offering tablets.  There are several reasons why tablets will remain in vogue. They help Millennials to live easily within their ‘always on, always connected’ ecosystem. Also, tablets can now perform 80 – 90% of PC functionality.

Reason #2: Improved Networks:

Improved networks and bandwidth make mobile Social CRM more feasible.  There are now multi-networks with less latency, improved bandwidth, enhanced security and affordability.  Roaming is now the norm.

Reason #3: Software Enhancements

There has been tremendous improvement in mobile apps and software.  Vendors have re-written their software to work on mobile devices and optimized it for mobile use.

Reason #4: A Strong ‘What’s In It For Me?’ (WIIFM)

  • Businesses:

Mobile devices and the mobile software help organizations to manage their businesses:

    • Allows for timely collaboration between field sales and executives.
    • Reduces downtime, allows employees to be more productive.
    • Increases customer face time, enables quicker response, improves satisfaction.
    • Provides real-time information access at a person’s fingertips.
    • Enables immediate action while away from the office.
  • Mobile Device Users:

Millennials and knowledge worker use their mobile devices for multiple purposes:

  • Business tools including phone, email, maps, etc.
  • Productivity improvements: One can easily access relevant customer and sales information including purchase history, complaints, etc.
  • Access to business apps as well as lifestyle, entertainment and personal productivity apps that can be used during down-time.

These benefits have led to mobile devices becoming the Swiss Army knife for field personnel and almost everyone else in business and daily life.

In my next post, I will discuss the single biggest impact of mobility on the Social CRM marketplace.

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The Definitive Guide to Social CRMBarton Goldenberg, is the founder and president of ISM Inc., customer-centric strategists/implementers serving best-in-class organizations globally. As a CRM leader for 30 years, he was among the first three inductees in the CRM Hall of Fame. Recognized as a leading “customer-focused” author, his latest book, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, is hailed as the roadmap for Social CRM success. Barton is a popular speaker on “maximizing customer relationships to gain market insights, customers and profits”. He is a long-term columnist for CRM Magazine and speaker for CRMevolution and frequently quoted in the media.

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