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The Metaverse is Trending. Should You Care?

Metaverse Trending

The Metaverse is Trending. Should You Care?

The Metaverse is Trending. Should You Care?

We say yes—because the Metaverse is the next evolution of the digital age

In the last few months, the topic of the Metaverse has been discussed in a flurry of news articles and podcast episodes. Big companies such as Meta (Facebook), Microsoft, Nvidia, Disney, and VMWare—are making big bets, hoping to either build their own Metaverse or provide the supporting technology that companies and users will need.

Should you care about this trend? We think so.

The Metaverse represents a continuation, or progression, of the technologies, cultural shifts, past and current trends, and new end-user needs and desires that make up life in the digital age. The Metaverse simply packages them into a single technology offering.

The Metaverse is the remix. These ideas, and the technologies that support them, are the building blocks. And any organization, no matter its size or tech-savviness, can use these building blocks to make their own breakthrough.

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