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The Role of The System Administrator for a CRM System

The Role of The System Administrator for a CRM System

Here is my discussion on the role of the System Administrator for CRM Systems, a crucial element for the key to CRM success

In most companies, a systems administrator is required to manage the CRM system. A good systems administrator works closely with the help desk and the external software vendor(s) or internal IT department, while maintaining a close working relationship with system users. As a rule, once the initial systems integration and training are completed, most CRM systems require a half-time systems administrator for up to 100 users. For more than 100 users, one or more systems administrators may be needed, though this will depend on the capabilities of the help desk, the number of users, and the complexity of the system.

Be sure to staff your systems administration function with qualified individuals. Customer-facing representatives or executives in the field who use the system rely on a properly working system with up-to-date, accurate information.

Finally, be sure that you address the need for comprehensive training, an effective help desk, and systems administration functions up front. Case after case has shown that these items can be the deciding factors in rolling out a successful CRM initiative.

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