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This App Lets You Relive Your Memories in VR, ‘Black Mirror’-Style

VR Memory App

This App Lets You Relive Your Memories in VR, ‘Black Mirror’-Style

Wist CEO, Andrew R McHugh, hopes he can close in on the gap of experiencing real moment memories against simply rewatching home videos with a new app called Wist. Wist promises to let users capture videos on their phones and transform them into 3D immersive memories viewable either via their phones with AR or with a virtual reality headset. McHugh explained that Wist is targeting the feeling that its namesake, wistful, evokes: longing and regret.

The Wist app works by first capturing a video through the app on a user’s iOS smartphone and then transforming the 2D images into an immersive, 3D experience. Once processed, the users can either step into a Quest VR headset or look through their phones screen to see the VR or AR memory overlapping with their real environment.

In a video call, McHugh demonstrated some of his own memories through Wist. After he wore a VR headset, a 3D video of his child as a baby popped up against a wall in his living room and the sound of infant laughter fills the space. In his real living room, McHugh can approach the memory for a closer look.

Want to learn more about the Wist app’s functionality along with its current limitations?

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