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Every three months, Barton shares his insights on a pressing topic of interest for executives and managers involved in CRM and other related customer-facing automation technologies. Learn new strategies for delighting your customers and maximizing customer acquisition, retention and growth. Discover new technologies for leveraging online and off-line customer data to create 360-degree customer profiles and facilitate seamless cross-channel marketing campaigns. Read how private, branded social media communities can increase customer engagement and enable your company to better hear the voice of the customer.

And of course you’ll get news about upcoming events and activities involving ISM and Barton Goldenberg. Conferences, keynotes, webinars and other opportunities find new tools and techniques for using CRM and other customer-centric technologies to enhance customer engagement and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Since 1985, ISM has provided CRM strategy and implementation, digital marketing and customer experience consulting for best-in-class organizations in both the public and private sectors worldwide. Our unique methodology combines strategic vision with powerful technologies and tools and a structured approach to deliver actionable strategies that lead to an optimized customer experience, improved customer service, better-calibrated marketing programs and ultimately, to increased customer acquisition, retention & growth.

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