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Engaged Customer Strategy: Your Road Map to Success in 2030 – May 3

BPM Accelerate




ISM’s President, Barton Goldenberg will deliver his keynote: Engaged Customer Strategy—Your Road Map to Success in 2030 at the bpm’online Accelerate Conference in Boston, MA on May 3 from 11:30 AM – 12:10 PM EST.

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DoD Knowledge Management Symposium Keynote – May 16

DOD Federal KM Symposium 2018




Join Barton Goldenberg for the DoD Knowledge Management Symposium

May 16, 2018
Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Convention Center

Engaged Customer Strategy— Your Road Map to Success in 2030

All DoD and government agencies need to gather, organize, analyze, and exploit the deluge of data coming from both traditional media and the digital firehose. Your goal is to capture and retain insights and knowledge from customers awash in an increasingly digital sea.  Learn how DoD and government agencies can leverage lessons learned from best-in-class B2B, B2C, and B2B2C organizations such as ExxonMobil, Amazon, Marriott, Uber, and Disney who are taking an integrated approach to customer engagement.  Learn how to turn data into value by leveraging transactional data, CRM data, third-party data and Identity Resolution tools to create holistic customer profiles, segmenting these profiles and then offer services to your customers via Traditional Media, Social Media, eCommerce, and Emerging Technologies channels to drive acquisition, retention and growth.  Discover how solid CRM and KM systems form the foundation of a successful, Engaged Customer strategy.

By attending this session, you will learn:

  • How to optimally gather offline and online information about your customers, analyze the information and derive actionable insights from it.
  • The role of CRM and KM as the foundation of an Engaged Customer Strategy that contain holistic customer profiles populated with timely, relevant customer information.
  • How to leverage private sector CRM and KM concepts in DoD and government agencies.

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A Salesforce Webinar: “The Latest Digital Trends in the Manufacturing Industry”

Presented By:

  • Barton Goldenberg, President, ISM
  • Peter McCall, Product Marketing Manager,

Date: May 29, 2018
Time: To Be Posted Soon

77% of businesses state that digital transformation is their first strategic priority.  Why do certain companies thrive in the digital deluge and others lose their way?  Hear how best-in-class manufacturing companies have embraced digital transformation and created customer-centric strategies to propel growth for themselves and their customers.  Learn how these companies have optimized their people/process/technology mix to lead the way in digital transformation, and to secure enhanced customer engagement.

During this webcast, industry leader Barton Goldenberg, President of ISM, and a guest speaker from a best-in-class, global manufacturing company will provide participants with a framework to help ensure your successful digital transformation and will share stories about manufacturing companies leading the way in digital transformation.  This is one webcast you will not want to miss!

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Recorded Webinars




Contextual Relevance – the Right Message, through the Right Channel, at the Right Time

ISM Founder and President, Barton Goldenberg, and Matt Tharp, Chief Evangelist for bpm’online will discuss in this Webinar recording: delivering the right content through the right channel at the right time – with appropriate messaging, customized for individual prospects and optimized for wherever they happen to be in their buying journey.

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Transforming Customer Data into Value

ISM President Barton Goldenberg and Chad Engelgau, VP, Global Identity and Data Product Management for Acxiom will discuss in this Webinar recording: how to drink from today’s digital firehose of information. You will additionally observe real-world case studies and gain insights from two industry leading companies on the topic of Transforming Customer Data into Value.

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Pitney Bowes - ISM, Inc.Closed-Loop Customer Engagement: The 5 Steps to Success

ISM President Barton Goldenberg and Gerhard Heide, Director of Global Market Strategy for Pitney Bowes, present 5 critical steps to acquiring, retaining and growing customers in today’s digital deluge. Learn how global, best-in-class companies are implementing their Engaged Customer Strategies with real-world case studies and tips for succeeding in your customer engagement efforts. If you are responsible for helping your organization survive and thrive in the future, this is one webinar you will not want to miss!

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 How to Make Partners Your Strategic Advantage in Sales

How can you win mindshare from partners to work with you? Join Barton Goldenberg, President at ISM, and Jason Perocho, Product Marketing at Salesforce, to learn how to become your partners’ go to vendor and make partners your strategic advantage in sales.

Now available on demand.

ISM News


Barton Goldenberg addresses CRM Evolution 2017
Thriving in the Digital Deluge & Integrated Customer-Centric Strategy Presentations

Watch the full video of Barton’s two-part Executive Bootcamp – ‘Delighted Customer’ Strategy, delivered April 24th at the CRM Evolution Conference and Exhibition in Washington DC. The sessions cover the components of an effective strategy to delight customers amidst ‘the digital deluge,’ along with core role of CRM.

Quotable Podcast: The Secrets to Successful Channel Sales Management with Barton Goldenberg

Podcast - channel sales management

Barton speaks with Salesforce in an episode from their popular podcast series, Quotable. Partner channels can supercharge sales, or derail it, depending on your strategy. Join Barton as he shares his secrets to successful channel sales management.