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How to Use Data Analytics to Become an Industry Disruptor


With 11 billion devices connected in 2018, the amount of data an organization has available to understand their customer is immense. Some organizations are mastering their data and others are becoming overwhelmed by the volume. Those that have mastered their data have made sweeping changes to their industries.

This data analytics webinar will examine how to best leverage customer knowledge and describe what needs to be in place to have a mature Data & Analytics program to lead your industry and to discover the hidden opportunities. Using real-world case studies, Mike Bender, Sr. Vice President at ISM, explains why organizations are increasingly turning to data and analytics to drive long-term customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy through better data management, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics. You will discover how to transform interactions between your organization and its customers by developing comprehensive data and analytics capabilities. This includes a discussion around how to capture customer ‘insights’ to build better customer profiles.

Mike will be joined by David Popkin, Director of Data Strategy at LiveRamp,  leading data & analytics vendor, who will give examples of how customer knowledge can be enhanced by utilizing new and innovative data sources to enhance your customer profile, thereby enabling more comprehensive customer segmentation and predictive analytics based on both customer and market data.

You will learn:

  • How to understand the maturity level of  your Data & Analytics program and to identify improvement areas.
  • How to leverage Data & Analytics to enhance customer knowledge and build brand loyalty through deeper engagement.
  • How to drive long-term customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy through better data management, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics.
  • How to do a comprehensive data audit of 1st and 3rd party data sources.
  • How to determine the best way to link or unify data sources.
  • How to determine if it makes more sense to take this on in-house or use 3rd party assistance.


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    Mike Bender
    Senior Vice President

    Mike is a Senior Vice President with ISM, focusing on Data and Analytics with a specialization in advanced technology and how it can be used to help customers get better business results.  His areas of expertise include strategy, data management, business analytics, and sales effectiveness. Mike’s typical areas of focus are customer and market data analysis, sales pipeline analytics, dealer sales effectiveness, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics for customer acquisition, growth, and churn. Mike has extensive experience developing business strategies and leading implementations of Data & Analytics, CRM, and ERP programs for Fortune 500, private, and start-up companies in the Financial, Insurance, Manufacturing, Communications, and Healthcare industries.



    David Popkin
    Director, Data Strategy

    David Popkin is Director, Data Strategy at LiveRamp, where he helps the firm’s clients deploy advanced person-based solutions leveraging LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Data Store. Over the past decade, David has helped the world’s most sophisticated brands and investors adopt cutting-edge technology to understand their customers and solve business problems. Prior to LiveRamp, David was Director of Business Development at Colabo and Vice President at Gerson Lehrman Group. David graduated from Duke University and received his MBA from The University of California’s Haas School of Business.


    For more than 30 years, ISM has worked closely with world-class B2B and B2C companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Zumba, Kraft Heinz, and Pacific Life on Data Analytics and customer intelligence projects.  Our offering covers the spectrum – from data strategy and management through the execution of sales, customer-service and marketing programs that leverage historical, real-time and predictive analytics/modeling for both structured and unstructured data.

    Learn more about our focus on Data & Analytics.

    How to Gain Strategic Customer Insight Through Data Analytics

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