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How AR Glasses Could Benefit The Blind

When we think about AR glasses, we mostly think of them as smart glasses that can view our real-world environment and then super-impose data, information, and enhanced images about objects we are seeing in and around us. It allows a person to ask the device to read the specific text a person wants to hear-…
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Getting Started with Digital Transformation

IoT, 5G, AI, VR. It seems like everyone is throwing around acronyms to describe technology and digital transformation, and it is hard to know what to focus on and what you can ignore. You suspect that your business may be falling behind in how you utilize emerging technologies. Yet, other companies use technology to attract,…
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online customer communities

3 Customer Insights Using Online Customer Communities

By Barton Goldenberg Private Online Customer Communities are one of the most insight-rich sources of customer feedback. Whether interacting with each other, with associates from your organization or simply leaving product reviews or comments, the customer conversations are real and unguided. They provide tremendous insight on many aspects of your business from product design and…
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digital customer communities

Customer Engagement Using Digital Customer Communities

By Barton Goldenberg Digital customer communities create a dynamic customer engagement solution. These communities give your customers a place to share insight, collaborate, advocate for your products or services, and even make purchases. A customer community will let your customers connect with those just like them, with similar interests. Use Case #1: Deepen Customer Engagement …
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5 Sales Use Cases For Using Digital Customer Communities

By Barton Goldenberg Digital Customer Communities are transforming the sales environment by having the capability to drive more sales for your business by connecting employees together from different branches, within your distributors, suppliers, or resellers. Digital Customer Communities have the capability to provide world-class services by connecting customers together and giving replies to each of…
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Emerging Technologies Can Keep Your Digital Hotel Solidly Booked

Virtual gathering places for customers benefit from collaborative and immersive apps Our Forward-Thinking clients are leveraging private digital customer communities to foster engagement with their customers. These collaboration communities are built on software such as Telligent, Salesforce, Higher Logic, and others. They integrate tightly with your CRM system and data management platform. We like to…
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