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Be inspired, gain new perspectives and learn innovative strategies. ISM founder and President, Barton Goldenberg, shares his insights in Customer Strategy thought leadership in the videos. Explore important topics on the Metaverse, Digital Communities, CRM, and much more. Barton is a world-renowned keynote speaker, available to provide thought leadership and actionable insights at your next event.

Metaverse Strategy
& Implementation

The 8 Steps to Successfully Integrate Metaverse into Your CRM Efforts Presentation

Want to do business successfully in the Metaverse? Listen to Barton’s 8-Step Methodology and learn how best-in-class companies are thriving in the Metaverse.

AR & VR Case Studies in CRM Applications

VR/AR’s disruptive business technology is transforming sales, marketing, and field service. Learn how, as well as the steps to prepare your VR/AR strategy.

Why You Should Care About the Metaverse: Personal and Business Impacts

Become a Metaverse pioneer to improve your company competitiveness, drive customer engagement to the next level, and secure your company’s future.

Digital Community Strategy
& Implementation

2021 Strategy: Powerful and Permanent Digital Customer Connections

Learn why Digital Customer Communities are the #1 lead nurturing platform that drives higher customer satisfaction, improved communications, and better customer support.

What is a ‘Digital Hotel’ & How It Can Supercharge Your 2021 Customer Strategy

Your Digital Hotel drives the voice of the customer into every customer decision you make through a technology platform that ensure the success of your customer strategy.

Digital Communities - Digital Disruptor

Digital Communities – whether for customers, distributors, or employees – drive digital disruption while enhancing customer engagement, lowering costs, and growing revenues.

CRM Strategy
& Implementation

CRM Implementation with Barton Goldenberg

Barton, a 37-year CRM industry guru, shares his thoughts on how to achieve CRM implementation excellence and avoid the all the black holes.

Digital Strategy and the Role of CRM

You cannot build a successful Digital Strategy without having a solid CRM foundation. Learn why.

CRM Success Factors

Barton, one of the first 3 inductees to the CRM Hall of Fame, describes the critical CRM success factors including the People, Process and Technology mix, and the 3X factor.

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