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ISM Webinar: Internet of Everything and Things (June 3)

You have been hearing a lot about the “Internet of Everything… and Things”. The buzz includes “wearables” such as Google’s Glass, bringing a computer eye to eye; Bluetooth Low Energy services linking merchants with customers; and “cloud” services connecting and tracking everything from your pet to your security system.
The Internet of Everything consists of the infrastructure required to connect all devices – smart phone, tablets, PC, etc. – for real-time communications and analysis. The second part –the “Internet of Things” – is less about the infrastructure and more about the collection of data from lots of different devices – some noted above – that in turn get used to engage customers.

But how does this impact your organization’s traditional customer-facing marketing, sales and service programs? ISM Founder/President Barton Goldenberg and special guest, Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies, a leading industry consultant, analyst and futurist covering consumer technology. Using case studies, Barton and Tim will show you what you can do to harness the challenges inherent in this new trend… and be ahead of the game.

Internet of Everything Webinar