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New ISM Webinar

"The Metaverse Requires New Business Models – Learn Why and How To Create Them"

Metaverse expert and thought-leader Barton Goldenberg discusses why the Metaverse requires new business models and how to create them.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why you need to be preparing your entry into the Metaverse
  • How to prepare your company’s entry into the Metaverse
  • How to build new business models that are optimized for the Metaverse
  • How to organize your Metaverse efforts to ensure success

Click here to watch a 4-minute 'Highlights' video of the Webinar

To gain insights on the most disruptive technology of this decade, that is a game changer for businesses, you do not want to miss this webinar.

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    The 8 Steps to Successfully Integrate Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) Into Your CRM Efforts

    Metaverse expert and thought leader Barton Goldenberg discusses the 8 Steps to successfully integrate VR-XR-AR into your CRM efforts.

    These are only a few of the strategies you’ll learn:

    - How to build your company’s very own Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) vision.

    - How Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) can enhance your products and services for a better customer experience.

    - How to identify opportunities for growth using Metaverse (VR-XR-AR).

    - How to successfully implement your Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) ideas.

    If you want insights on the most disruptive technology of this decade, you have to attend this webinar. Learn about cutting edge Metaverse (VR-XR-AR) technologies and programs many companies are already using to propel themselves into the future. Don't miss this chance to learn how to raise the bar on customer engagement in entirely new ways.

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      AR & VR Case Studies in CRM Applications

      AR and VR are some of the most exciting new technologies that will have a big impact on business and enterprise over time. Although some see these technologies having slow adoption in mainstream enterprise, it turns out that major segments of the enterprise, especially CRM, Field Service and Training, are seeing rapid interest and serious adoption within all types of CRM IT Programs.

      Barton Goldenberg, a noted expert and author on CRM and Tim Bajarin, a well-known technology analyst, will share how AR and VR are already being used in large enterprises around the world, and share some of the most successful enterprise-based CRM implementations that utilize AR and VR to add greater value to their customers.

      By attending this webinar, you will learn:

      - Why VR/AR are the most disruptive business technology over the next decade.

      - Case studies describing how companies are successfully applying VR/AR to sales, marketing and customer service.

      - Your next steps to ready your VR/AR strategy.

      Building a Successful Digital-First Company: Aligning People, Processes and Technologies

      Digital Transformation: Future Ready Best Practices & Technology Trends

      Building a Successful Digital-First Company: Aligning People, Processes and Technologies

      As digitalization transforms industry after industry, successful businesses are pursuing large-scale digitization initiatives that proactively align people, processes, and technologies from strategy planning to execution.

      To discuss the latest trends and technologies that help companies overcome the “Golden Triangle” challenge, Creatio has invited Barton Goldenberg, CRM pioneer, founder and president of ISM Inc., and author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Social CRM’.

      Barton will share practical insights on how to create a successful ‘digital-first’ company and how to align people, processes and technology in a post-pandemic world.

      Digital Transformation: Future Ready Best Practices & Technology Trends

      Barton shares with participants his Top 5 technology trends, and provide examples of how organizations are applying these trends to secure competitive advantage and achieve digital transformation success.

      Understand how your industry and customer engagement will be impacted by the following technology trends:

      1. Digital Customer Communities
      2. AI/ML
      3. VR/AR
      4. IoT
      5. 5G

      What is a ‘Digital Customer Community’ and Why it is Imperative to your 2021 Customer Strategy?

      If your goals for 2021 include any of the following, then this webinar is for you:

      • Nurture Leads & Grow Sales
      • Achieve Superior Customer Support
      • Deepen Customer Insight & Engagement
      • Increase Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

      How to Use Data Analytics to Become an Industry Disruptor

      This Webinar will examine how to best leverage customer knowledge and describe what needs to be in place to have a mature Data & Analytics program to lead your industry and to discover the hidden opportunities. Using real-world case studies, Mike Bender, Sr. Vice President at ISM, explains why organizations are increasingly turning to data and analytics to drive long-term customer engagement, loyalty and advocacy through better data management, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics.

      Ready to Take Your Customer Strategy to the Next Level?

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      Barton Goldenberg giving Keynote Speech