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Three Technologies Driving The Next 25 Years Of Computing

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Three Technologies Driving The Next 25 Years Of Computing

I recently started thinking about what the next 25 years of digital technology would look like, and I have identified three big tech trends that will shape the tech landscape during this period.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

We are only scratching the surface of how AI will impact all aspects of our lives, as digital technology already has today.

Over the next 25 years, the processors needed to power the AI revolution will increase exponentially.

  1. Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is also in its very early stages, but it will also dramatically impact our digital world over the next 25 years.

Quantum computing is expected to dramatically change the field of AI and machine learning, leading to benefits such as hyper-personalized shopping suggestions and advanced smart home tools.

  1. Transforming our 2D digital world to a 3D spatial world

We are starting our next significant computing journey, moving much of everything we do in 2D to 3D virtual, spatial worlds.

Apple’s release of Vision Pro will help educate more mainstream users about the potential of 3D spatial computing.

Want to learn more about Tim Bajarin’s prediction of how these three technologies will drive the next generation of computing?



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