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Tidbits From My Webinar Today: "How Do You Benefit From Mobile CRM?"

Tidbits From My Webinar Today: "How Do You Benefit From Mobile CRM?"

I just held another successful ISM Webinar titled: “How Do You Benefit From Mobile CRM”.  It was a very exciting Webinar with lots of attendees and interesting questions.  For those who missed it, here are the main tidbits from my Mobile CRM Webinar:

According to the IDC, the number of worldwide mobile workers will reach 1 billion by the end of 2011.  In 2009, the mobile subscriber base witnessed an annual growth greater than that of the Internet.

There currently is a Phone Obsession in the marketplace as indicated by these findings:

  • 1.2 billion cell phones sold annually
  • Smart phone penetration: >25% by 2015
  • Mobile subscribers worldwide:

         –  4.5 billion in 2010

         –  6.3 billion in 2014

  • Applications downloads worldwide:

        –  2.4 billion in 2009

        –  36 billion in 2014

The key factors driving Mobile CRM are:

  • New mobile devices
  •  Improved networks
  •  Software enhancements
  •  Meaningful WIIFM
  •  High user-uptake

There are three major mobiles devices that are heavily influencing today’s market:

  • Netbooks and Mini-Notebooks
  • Smart phones as Pocket PCs
  • Tablets

Increasingly, improved networks are bringing about multi-networks, less latency, improved bandwidth, enhanced security and affordability. 

Impressive software enhancements such as valuable built-in processes, powerful dashboards, in-context information are providing extraordinary software applications to the market.

Other factors driving the Mobile CRM market are meaniful WIIFM and high user-uptake.

In conclusion, ISM sees the future of Mobile CRM as:

  • Location & context-based ‘push’ services
  • Social media integration
  • Increased simplicity & relevance
  • Must respect new people/process/technology mix

ISM will be placing the Webinar recording of this Webinar on the ISM Webinar Webpage in a few days.

If anyone has any questions concerning my “How Do You Benefit From Social CRM” Webinar, please feel free to contact me at:

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