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Tim Cook Risks His Legacy on a Pricey Product in an Unproven Market

tim cook apple vision pro

Tim Cook Risks His Legacy on a Pricey Product in an Unproven Market

The Vision Pro will be Apple’s riskiest product launch in years, which is why Tim Cook is one of CNN Business’ Risk Takers for 2023. Cook has long talked up the potential for augmented reality to help people communicate and collaborate. Now he will have to prove a device that blends both virtual reality and augmented reality, a technology that overlays virtual images on live video of the real world, is indeed the future of computing. And it won’t be an easy sell: It’s a $3,499 clunky computer you wear on your face.

Despite running a company worth $3 trillion, with hundreds of hundreds of billions of dollars of cash on hand, a lot is at stake for Cook. Tech companies don’t typically last for long atop the industry, as exciting and new technology takes the world by storm and ultimately dethrones the leader. (See: HP, IBM, Cisco … and what Apple did to Microsoft).

iPhone sales aren’t surging anymore. Eventually, Cook & Co. will need something to replace it.

At the same time, the potential is massive. Almost every new Apple product promises to use screens of varying sizes to change how we live. The Vision Pro has the potential to do all of that in an even more striking way, and it could bring new interest to the market in ways similar to what the iPod did for music players or the iPhone for smartphones.

It could also end up being the product that defines Cook’s legacy.

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