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3 Customer Insights Using Online Customer Communities

online customer communities

3 Customer Insights Using Online Customer Communities

By Barton Goldenberg

Private Online Customer Communities are one of the most insight-rich sources of customer feedback. Whether interacting with each other, with associates from your organization or simply leaving product reviews or comments, the customer conversations are real and unguided. They provide tremendous insight on many aspects of your business from product design and quality to store layout.

Secure Customer Insight in Online Customer Communities

  • Launch customers surveys and polls in real-time and secure continuous customer feedback.
  • Invite customers to conferences in the online customer community that include your organization’s SMEs and industry experts.
  • Receive Customer Communities Focus Area.

3 Customer Insight Benefits from Online Customer Communities

#1: Gain Insight by Monitoring Customer Behavior

As your best customers engage with your online community; reading articles, taking training, engaging support, and sales teams you gain tremendous insight into the sources of information that they value and their customer journey.  The insights gained enable you to guide customers to valuable information, interactions, and to the next best purchase for them in their customer journey.   Likewise, you can also monitor the behavior of those customers whose sales are dropping off by discovering meaningful insights to help support their needs and improving value to those customers resulting in increased sales.

#2: Deepen Customer Engagement

Customers really enjoy being listened to.  They enjoy sharing their thoughts and expertise with other customers and prospects about your products/services.  You in turn respond to these customer observations with your own insights.  This ‘two-way’ customer dialog drives customer engagement, satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.  You take customer engagement to a new level as you offer Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences from within your online community.  Imagine the impact of taking your wine connoisseur customer on a visit to your vineyards using VR technology!  Or offering technical support services and technical training via AR experiences.

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#3: Launch Customer Polls and Surveys in Real-Time

Secure real-time customer feedback via surveys and polls that are offered from within your online customer community.  This could be regarding a new product launch, a new marketing program, a revised incentive program, etc.  The goal is to have the ‘Voice of the Customer’ continuously providing their opinion to you.  By tying gamification to polls and surveys, meaning you give rewards for taking a poll or survey – you also deepen customer engagement.

We would be happy to discuss using an online customer community to enhance your customer engagement efforts in more detail with you over a call.  Reply  to this email or feel free to schedule a chat. Choose a good time for us to connect here.

ISM was founded 36 years ago to help transform companies like yours to enhance customer engagement.   We look forward to learning about your current customer insight challenges and helping you explore if a customer community is right for your organization.

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