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'Train The Trainer' Training For CRM Systems

'Train The Trainer' Training For CRM Systems

Here is my discussion on ‘Train The Trainer’ Training For CRM Systems, one of the Six Types of CRM Training

Use this type of training when your company prefers to do its own training or in cases where there are so many system users that it becomes unrealistic to train them all at once. This session is designed for internal trainers to learn how to use the system and teach others as well. This session should follow the same format for initial user training, but each trainer should also be provided with a training manual for required user training.

Training the trainer has some advantages and disadvantages. The key advantage is having an internally controllable, cost-effective means to train a large number of company personnel. The key disadvantage is being dependent on your in-company trainers; if these individuals get busy with other assignments, this may delay the training of users on your CRM system.

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