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Upcoming ISM Webinar September 24 Addresses the Customer of the Future: How to Prepare for Success

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Upcoming ISM Webinar September 24 Addresses the Customer of the Future: How to Prepare for Success

Social Media, Mobility and Gamification are part of a customer-focused two-way dialogue

By: Jean Young, Vice President, ISM

For today’s “always-on, always-connected” customers operating in a world where commerce is “two-way and in real time”, well, sorta, there is a level of frustration that two-way often is one-way with the customer on the losing end. And, pumping up the “Likes” for your corporate Facebook is not the answer.

To understand the changing environment for your customers, whether in a B2B, B2C, or B2B2C environment, I urge you to attend Barton Goldenberg’s upcoming webinar: “Customer of the Future: How to Prepare for Success” Tuesday, September 24 at 1:00 p.m. EST. You can sign up below.

We already know that social media, mobility and gamification are changing the way we communicate, do business and solve customer-related issues. Customers will play an increasingly important role defining how they would like to conduct business with organizations in the future. We need to understand the “Customer of the Future” and make appropriate process and technology enhancements to ensure a healthy, two-way dialog with their customers. And, if you don’t adjust to the needs of your customers today – and in the future – they will go to a competitor smart enough to understand their needs.

Based on his 28 years of industry leadership, and leveraging examples from global, best-in-class companies like Macmillan, Kraft Foods, AAA, Marriott, and ExxonMobil, Barton will describe how companies are turning to social media, mobility and gamification to “effectively” attract and retain customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

By attending this webinar, you will:

• Learn how companies are harvesting customer insight from social communities and integrating this insight into their organization’s customer relationship and customer experience efforts.
• Hear how organizations are riding the mobility wave by offering mobile applications to their always-on/always-connected” customers.
• Learn why gamification will explode over the next five years and how your organization should be leveraging new capability.

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