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The U.S. Army, Not Meta, is Building the Metaverse

represents the US Military using Metaverse

The U.S. Army, Not Meta, is Building the Metaverse

Despite their rhetoric, big tech has presented a rather narrow view of the metaverse. There should be an envisioning of an open virtual world that supports thousands of simultaneous players and offers valuable, immersive use cases. The scope of this vision requires an open cloud architecture with native support for cloud scalability.

By prioritizing cloud development and clear goal-setting, military organizations have taken significant leaps toward building an actual realization of this metaverse.

In terms of industry progress towards the cloud-supported, scalable metaverse, no organization has come further than the U.S. Army. Their Synthetic Training Environment (STE) has been in development since 2017. The STE aims to replace all legacy simulation programs and integrate different systems into a single, connected system for combined arms and joint training.

Want to learn why the US military metaverse could be a microcosm of a large-scale, open-source digital world that is not controlled by a few commercial entities?

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