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The Usability of Augmented Reality

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The Usability of Augmented Reality

The Usability of Augmented Reality

The Nielsen Norman Group conducted a mobile usability-testing study with 4 remote and 7 in-person participants to get insights into the user experience of mobile AR apps. For this study, the staff tested variety of AR applications from various domains such as fitness, entertainment, ecommerce, tourism, art and history, education, and science.

Most users in this study were unfamiliar with augmented reality; they had little previous experience with AR. Overall, while users were generally enthusiastic about AR and about its potential, they also questioned the gratuitous use of AR in some apps.

While AR is a relatively new technology, some AR patterns and signifiers were inspired by game user interfaces and interactions. In this study, the staff found that participants who had exposure to game UIs found AR patterns easier to figure out, compared to the participants who did not play any games.

AR has great potential for creating immersive experiences that educate the public or entertain it by telling a story. Participants repeatedly shared their excitement about immersive educational AR stories.

The AR experience was at its best when users could easily see virtual objects in their environment and effortlessly interact with them. Seamless interaction with the AR model increased participants’ satisfaction with the app.

Want to learn what the study participants found were the best AR experiences that are immersive, interactive, and educational?

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