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Virtual Reality is the Future of Employee Training

vr training benefits

Virtual Reality is the Future of Employee Training

This Virtual Reality training article is very informative in explaining the five major benefits of Virtual Reality training.

From operating an oil rig in the middle of the ocean to active shooter drills, much of the cost, complexity, and danger in training can be reduced or eliminated by incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology. Many companies simply do not have the budgets or resources to provide continuous on-the-job training. That is why more companies are adopting VR to meet their training needs.

Traditional training methods face a host of challenges. Often, ideas presented in a lecture are abstract and are not applied to real-life situations. VR solves the problem by creating an immersive training environment that commands attention and requires interaction.  A study by the National Training Laboratory shows that with VR, retention rates were 75% compared with 10% for reading and 5% for lectures.

Want to learn more about the five major benefits of VR training, along with its significant ROI?

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