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Why The Vision Pro Will Change The Way We View Concerts

apple vision pro concerts

Why The Vision Pro Will Change The Way We View Concerts

When Apple introduced the Vision Pro in the fall of 2023, one of the demos they showed was how users can view concerts and music venues in a more visually immersive experience. The example they showed was a rehearsal session of Alicia Keys and her musicians, and it puts you in the center of the session to watch it closely.

Apple’s decision to make concerts available on the Vision Pro in 2D and eventually immersive 3D is crucial to its success. There is much potential of immersive 3D for all types of entertainment, especially concerts and sports in the future marketplace.

As more concerts become available to view on the Vision Pro, especially if they are captured in immersive 3D and it allows a user to watch a concert for under $20.00, people may decide to go to more concerts virtually. As Apple expands the way a user can share a Vision Pro experience with others with the same headset, viewing a concert with friends becomes more of a draw.

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