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Virtual Reality Takes a Seat in College Classrooms

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Virtual Reality Takes a Seat in College Classrooms

As schools gingerly embrace virtual reality, Meta announced that it is supplying VR equipment and resources to 15 U.S. universities as part of a broader goal to make classroom education more "immersive."

Nick Clegg, Meta's President of Global Affairs stated "We're now moving from talking about the potential of these immersive technologies in the classroom to actually trying to develop a head of steam."

Meta is donating its Quest 2 headsets to 15 U.S. universities that use VR as a pedagogical tool including Stanford University, University of Iowa, Arizona State University, Morehouse College and Purdue Global.

The big picture: Meta, Apple and other companies are betting that VR, AR and MR will become an integral part of the learning experience at all educational levels. They foresee an important future for virtual reality in education.

  • They predict VR headsets will become standard fixtures in classrooms.
  • The "EdTech" sector, in which hardware and software facilitate learning, is widely predicted to expand rapidly.
  • The pandemic acclimated students and teachers to virtual learning while simultaneously VR headsets started to become more popular and affordable.

Learn more about how Virtual reality in education, particularly at the college level.


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