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VR Training Ideas To Address Current Dementia Challenges

vr training dementia

VR Training Ideas To Address Current Dementia Challenges

Extended longevity brings new challenges. Particularly, more people are living with dementia—a disease that primarily manifests after the age of 65.

VR training can provide immersive videos demonstrating proper care techniques for both professional and family caregivers, tailored to individual learning paths. Nonprofessionals receive basic training, while nurses can explore simulations requiring deeper medical skills. Learners can then practice the theory in simulations involving daily tasks, such as dressing or feeding, as well as communication skills.

VR's immersive nature allows caregivers to experience the perspective of dementia sufferers, fostering empathy and understanding. In these simulations, care providers can feel the physical and emotional state of patients when caregivers make mistakes, which reduces the likelihood of future errors.

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