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VR’s Potential Impact On The Classroom

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VR’s Potential Impact On The Classroom

When I was in junior high, the one subject that interested me the most was geography. I often daydream about various places studied in my geography classes.

Now, imagine if instructors taught these classes using VR, and you could experience these places as if you were there. This educational shift would make learning geography, history, and many other subjects come alive.

A survey by the XR Association found that 77% of educators believe these technologies ignite curiosity and improve engagement in class.

Meta recently announced a dedicated program for developing tools for their Quest headset to help educators use VR in their classrooms.

Apple’s overall understanding of the education market will continue to be demonstrated with Vision Pro’s future push in this market. At this year’s WWDC on June 10-14, 2024, I expect Apple to announce significant news on using Vision Pro in education

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