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Waiting For the Metaverse? The Revolution is Already Here

Metaverse Revolution

Waiting For the Metaverse? The Revolution is Already Here

For those who celebrate Super Bowl ads more than the actual game, the last one could forever be known as the Metaverse Bowl. Facebook (now ‘Meta’) and Miller both ran ads featuring and praising the metaverse, while Matthew McConaughey starred in a Salesforce ad taking a dig at the metaverse.

But as these ‘meta’ marketing messages roll out to varying degrees of success, there seems to be a noticeable, metaverse-shaped blind spot in today’s marketing: the core experiential technologies of the metaverse promise are already here.

Across the digital ecosystem, new metaverse tools and enthusiasts are powering a revolution.  Creators aren’t waiting for the delivery of any single metaverse. Instead, consumers are using — and even creating their own — AR and VR experiences and sharing their journeys every day on the largest social platforms including Facebook, TikTok, and Snap. On Snap alone, over 250,000 creators have built millions of AR experiences that reach over 200 million Snapchat users daily. Facebook’s Spark AR community hosts millions of creations, and prompts users with themed contests that attract thousands of entrants to build their own cross-reality effects.

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