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Walmart Metaverse Case Study – March 2023

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Walmart Metaverse Case Study – March 2023

Walmart Metaverse Case Study

By Barton Goldenberg

Today I would like to share the incredible story of how Walmart is leveraging the Metaverse to support and expand its digital innovation leadership.

To address the VR training challenge for its staff, Walmart created a VR-based Immersive Learning program to better prepare associates for their day-to-day jobs and to provide their associates with real-world scenarios like Black Friday where associates can role-play and run through hyper-real, practice scenarios to prepare for situations before they happen.

But the Walmart Metaverse story does not stop with VR training. In June 2022, Walmart announced a new ‘View in Your Space’ feature. This feature, like the Ikea Place app, works with more than 300 compatible furniture and home décor items in the Walmart app and allows users to view an augmented reality or AR version of a desk or a sofa or a chair in their room using a smartphone screen and camera. Users can drag and drop items to where they might be positioned, with dimensions visible on the screen.

Want to learn more about results of Walmart’s VR training sessions and the value of the “View in Your Space” feature to its consumers?

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