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Would You Wear Apple’s Vision Pro On A Plane?

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Would You Wear Apple’s Vision Pro On A Plane?

When I tested the new Apple Vision Pro, the experience was transformational for me. This headset is based on an AR concept, so you can see your surroundings clearly when it is on your face. Yet, what truly amazed me was how it transported me beyond my immediate reality, opening up a world of possibilities.

However, if I had a device like Apple Vision Pro, I would not hesitate to use it on a plane. For one thing, its isolates me from other passengers and blocks out the airline atmosphere around me. And it would provide me with a 3D immersive experience. While I may use it for entertainment, I would use it to transport me to other places to explore.

Last week, Apple released Vision Pro’s OS development kit. And, as MacRumors reports, its content shares a new Travel Mode that will be in the Vision Pro when it ships.

Want to learn more about the features of the Apple Vision Pro Travel Mode and its applicability for being on an airplane?

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