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Web3 Is the Future of the Internet‚ÄîHere’s Why You Need to Know About It


Web3 Is the Future of the Internet‚ÄîHere’s Why You Need to Know About It

Web3 Is the Future of the Internet—Here’s Why You Need to Know About It

Web3 is the newest version of the internet. Web3 will eventually shape what the metaverse is, how we shop and will keep our data more secure.

The first version of the Internet was called Web 1.0. Its intent was to share information; there was not any interaction between the visitor and what was online.

Web 2.0 allows people to interact with what they see online through comment sections, social media and more. Web 2.0 information can also be stored in cloud storage and viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

Web3 is the next evolution of the internet, growing out of Web 2.0.

It is considered the read-write-own or read-write-execute version of the internet. Decentralization, privacy, machine learning and safety are some trends we are already seeing that will shape the Web 3.0 environment.

The big focus of Web3 is decentralization—making online communities owned by everyone, with transparent information sharing.

Instead of storing information through database giants such as Google, information will be freely shared and stored in many locations. Everything will be shared by DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). DAOs are groups built for one purpose, community run, relying on each member within the DAO to work in the best interest of reaching a common goal.

Want to learn how DAOs will fit into the future metaverse, along with some examples of Web3 companies, platforms and networks?

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