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What is Hot in the Metaverse For Consumers

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What is Hot in the Metaverse For Consumers

What is Hot in the Metaverse For Consumers

Consumers engaging with metaverse-style virtual environments are interested in a number of industries and activities. Topping the list of interests is Music and Travel, according to a new study by Reach 3 Insights.

For marketers still in the wait-and-see or planning phases of their metaverse debut, this might help focus the effort based on where the interest is. In early 2022, a MarTech survey found that over half of marketers are planning a metaverse activation either in the upcoming year (26%) or in the next five years (25%).

In a Reach 3 Insights survey, consumers were asked what topics they would be interested in related to virtual experiences or products. Here are the five top topics, in descending order:

Music – 68%

Travel/ Tourism – 58%

Shopping/Virtual Stores – 53%

Live Events – 53%

Gaming – 52%

Want to learn more about the marketing implications of these consumer metaverse preferences?

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