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Where Was The Metaverse In 2022?

Metaverse Marketing Strategies

Where Was The Metaverse In 2022?

Where Was The Metaverse In 2022?

At year-end, the metaverse may still seem distant to many, but its backers continue to bet high on its potential future.

The metaverse is theoretically the future of the Internet, a 3D virtual world where people will be able to interact with each other as avatars.

The term doesn’t refer to any one specific type of technology but rather a broad shift in how we interact with technology.

Gaming companies such as Roblox and Epic Games are building platforms and experiences, such as live concerts in cyberspace.

The Meta Quest Pro VR headset was released by Meta in October 2022.

Social and work platforms are developing digital spaces where people can navigate and interact as avatars.

Want to learn the projected global metaverse size for the new few years and the current metaverse market size for metaverse applications like gaming, social media, content creation, etc.?

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