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Who is Using VR and How Often?

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Who is Using VR and How Often?

Who is Using VR and How Often?

VR traction over the past few years has been slower than many had anticipated. But it is still finding small wins and is growing at a fairly healthy pace. So, the question is how well it is landing with consumers today, and are those sentiments trending in the right direction?

The firm, ARtillery Intelligence included various VR – related survey questions to be fielded to more than 98,000 U.S. adults.

Among the topics tackled: How is VR resonating with everyday consumers? How often are they using it? How satisfied are they? What types of experiences do they like most? How much are they willing to pay for it? And for those who aren’t interested in VR… why not?

Diving into these questions and starting at the top, what’s VR’s overall penetration? The 2022 year survey pegs it at 23% of U.S. adults. It is still in early stages of its industry lifecycle, and we expect usage to accelerate as consumer comfort levels – and the technology itself – advance.

As for who these users are, 29% of male respondents in the survey reported using VR versus 20% of female respondents. 45% of Gen-Z and 38 percent of Gen-Y report VR usage, versus 18% t of Gen-X and 6 percent of baby boomers.

Want to learn more interesting statistics on who in the U.S. is using VR technologies?

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