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Why Business Leaders Need To Take The Metaverse Seriously

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Why Business Leaders Need To Take The Metaverse Seriously

Recent research by the management consultancy Arthur D Little suggests that business would be ill-advised to dismiss the Metaverse out of hand in favor of a focus on AI. The Arthur D Little report provides a compelling description of how “a convergence of key technologies” is leading to a step-change in simulation capabilities, primarily via the Digital Twin concept. With the emergence of the Digital Twin concept in the market, the Arthur D Little report urges business leaders to take the Metaverse seriously.

The Digital Twin is a computer program that uses real-world data to create simulations that can predict how a product or process will perform. The Digital Twin concept is now moving towards becoming a key tool for strategic decision making. For instance, the car maker BMW’s iFactory enables a complete production strategy based around the use of Digital Twins for all production sites.

The Digital Twin concept is at the heart of their idea of the Industrial Metaverse. Ultimately, it “could represent a complete end-to-end industrial system, including not just physical assets, but also processes, functions, resources and organization.

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