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Why I Can’t Bet Against Apple’s Mixed-Reality Prowess

Crowd including members of press excited about Apple Vision Pro

Why I Can’t Bet Against Apple’s Mixed-Reality Prowess

By Kevin Roose

There are plenty of reasons the Vision Pro could flop. But we shouldn’t forget that Apple has a knack for entering a product category at just the right time.

I’ll confess that when Apple introduced its mixed-reality Vision Pro headsets on Monday, one of my first thoughts was: Man, that thing looks weird.

I’ve been a virtual reality skeptic for years, and I have long wondered why the technology hasn’t gone mainstream, even as headset quality has improved.

But after seeing Apple demonstrate the Vision Pro on Monday — and reading the generally positive reviews from folks who have tested it — I now think it could be a big deal, and possibly even the first hint of a revolutionary new computing platform.

Want to learn more about why Kevin Roose now believes that Apple itself can overcome skepticism to introduce an impactful Vision Pro headset in the marketplace?

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