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Why Marketers Must Start Talking Multiverse instead Of Metaverse


Why Marketers Must Start Talking Multiverse instead Of Metaverse

Why Marketers Must Start Talking “Multiverse” Instead Of “Metaverse”?

In the marketing and advertising industry, we need to stop obsessing over the metaverse and start focusing on the broader picture. Soon, we will all be living in a multiverse.

We will not escape to a metaverse; we will live across realities in a multiverse. Eventually, we will move effortlessly from physical, to digital, to virtual realities without having to slap a brick (AR Headset) to our face to leave this reality.

Web3 will be driven by connecting individuals to new environments while promoting decentralization in doing so. Both are reasons why we need to start talking multiverse instead of metaverse.

Just like mobile, it’s probably going to take seven to 10 years for full Web3 adoption. By that time, we will find ourselves truly living and marketing in a multiverse.

With new opportunities on the horizon, now is the time for marketers to be educating, experimenting, and innovating with Web3. This means thinking about the next multiverse opportunities, including physical, digital, and virtual experiences. The brands that will come out on top and cut through the noise in a multiverse will be the ones that find the right meaning in each world and pair it with the right engagement.

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