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Why We Need to Regulate Digital Identity in the Metaverse?

Digital Identity

Why We Need to Regulate Digital Identity in the Metaverse?

On the internet, most people do not have a digital identity that they own. Instead, they deposit information about themselves with a website or app, which then can use that data in several ways, one way being the ability to monetize it.

If users are to move across multiple digital platforms and the metaverse as themselves – in terms of their digital identity, they will need a unique digital identity, owned or controlled by them.

If users become the owners of their digital identity, then there will have to be standards so that they can be recognized and authenticated in different places. It is not yet clear who will create these standards, or how such standards bodies might be funded.

Corporations that hold user data are subject to rules and regulations in their handling and use of that data. The feeling that these rules and regulations are widely considered too little and too late shows the lag between the speed of governments and the speed of technological innovation.

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