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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy

CRM Strategy & Implementation

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile CRM Strategy

By Nick Rojas

Like everything in life, good business is strengthened by good relationships. Having as close a relationship with your customers as possible will only work to further improve sales. Taking the extra information, you know about them and their needs into account allows for success that might not have come otherwise.

To aid them in their pursuit of higher customer retention rates, many businesses utilize a CRM tool. This allows those in the busy and often chaotic work environment to focus on their customers’ needs at just the right times in their busy schedules.

But customers don’t wait on your schedule. You may be out and about and have a dire need to handle an issue or situation with them, or just fulfill an obligation made weeks prior. To handle serious moments, as well create convenient interactions, a mobile CRM can reduce the stress of being away from the office. Here are three reasons why your business absolutely needs a mobile CRM.

  1. Life and Business Are More Mobile Than Ever

A mobile CRM will allow you access to the tools necessary to engage and prepare for positive relationships with your existing customers.  We all like to think our memories are perfect, but in a hectic day to day schedule that has us on the move constantly, we need more tools at our disposal at all times. CRMs provide reminders, comprehensive stats, and information all in one place, and in ways that other forms of contact can’t do alone.

In 2012, it was revealed in a study from Mary Meeker that 13% of all internet traffic was from mobile devices. This number has only increased over the years, showing that we are more mobile than ever before.

  1. Your Competition Is Already Using One

Who is going to benefit more from you not using a mobile CRM, you or your competition? The advantage of having a strong relationship with your customers from anywhere is a powerful tool that other businesses are readily taking advantage of.

You can’t afford to miss out by having a competitor sweet talk your best client just because they called at the right time. Having access to customer data at all times is exactly what a mobile CRM is built for.

  1. Mobile CRMs Are Exploding, and for a Good Reason

Mobile CRMs bridge the gap that exists within the workplace environment and outside of it. A Forrester Research survey showed that trends of mobile CRM usage from services like were growing steadily.

The reported findings highlighted growth in customer satisfaction, sales efficiency, and a sharp boost in overall productivity in the workplace. With the advantages many mobile CRMs provide business users, it’s easy to see why.

As more companies switch over to modern solutions and tools in a bid to stay abreast of the latest social media advances, mobile CRMs will continue to standout in the field. From their inception, their usage has more than quadrupled in the past years. With customer interactions becoming more complex, they are more necessary now than ever. Putting a mobile CRM to use in your business will have advantages far and wide, and may even be the missing link in your team’s efficiency.

In our next post, ISM will return to the topic of the “Internet of Things”, which will profoundly impact the global marketplace.

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Nick Rojas is a small business consultant and business journalist, currently splitting time between Southern California and Chicago. He is an occasional contributor to ISM’s blog. Please visit Nick’s twitter account: @NickARojas.



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