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Where did the year go and where is it going?


Where did the year go and where is it going?

A personal perspective….

By: Jean Young, Vice President, ISM

Good grief, another year is almost over.

I love my online calendar. Posting work and personal related meetings, to do’s, and just stuff is a lifesaver for my busy business and personal life. But, what it doesn’t “handle” are my future aspirations, personal and professional.

And, yes, I participated in planning meetings for 2015. ISM’s founder and president, Barton Goldenberg, takes planning and setting measurable objectives seriously. But, addressing professional and personal goals are often overlooked in the rush to do your job.

With Thanksgiving around the corner (I love the “around the corner” expression as you feel you can take a peek into the future.), it may be a good time to stop for a minute and take a peek at who we are and where we are going. So, being a list maker, I started a personal and professional list of pluses and minuses. I know them already but making a list is quite sobering. Then I chose two things I wanted to improve personally and two to improve professionally. I actually started with five each but that was overwhelming. Personally, I am going to strive to control a quick temper and to volunteer time to a non-profit. Professionally, I am going to take long walks and contemplate. Is there a mix-up here? No, I really believe I will live and work more productively when the body, mind and spirit are in synch.

I will get back to you in three months but I have to go now and watch the leaves falling.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with lots of hugs and kind words.


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