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Health Checks & Readiness Assessments

roadmap to 2030

How are you performing against “gold standard” industry benchmarks?

Your Customer Data Is Limitless, and So Is Its Value

ISM’s  Health Checks & Readiness Assessments employ our time-tested Top-Down/ Bottom-Up methodology that blends management vision with operational priorities to deliver outstanding results. Engagements typically take 3-4 weeks to complete and include a thorough review of people, process and technology components as they impact your current customer-centric technology programs and/or future plans.

Health Checks:

Learn how well your customer-centric technology implementation is doing versus “gold standard” industry benchmarks. Where does it excel? Where does it fall short? Which of your sales, marketing and customer service processes are best-in-class? How can user adoption be improved? We examine your technology platform, how well it has been set up, whether required integrations are in place and the quality of your data. Our Health Check concludes with a high-level implementation roadmap to achieve best-in-class status for your customer-centric initiative.

Readiness Assessments:

Companies planning to improve sales, marketing, customer service, and eCommerce effectiveness through ISM Webinar: Delighted Customer Strategy – Thriving in the Digital Delugeautomation must first make sure they are ready to take the plunge. This is the purpose of ISM Readiness Assessments.  Even if glaring needs exist and management is fully committed, simply adding new capabilities to old systems, automating poor processes, or counting on people to change how they work can lead to failure. Make sure your people, processes and legacy systems are ready for your next technology implementation.

Your ISM Health Check or Readiness Assessment may include:

  • Existing Customer-Centric Strategy Review
  • Technical Assessment
  • People (Organizational/Operational) Assessment
  • Business Process Assessment
  • Evaluation of Planned eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce: ISM recognizes that as eCommerce continues to mature, most have nailed the operational basics, Now the critical mass has shifted to focus on driving traffic and conversion by leveraging social integration, mobile, and advanced online tools.

ISM will challenge clients to consider the business impact and implications of current trends, which may require a shift in thinking, a change in strategy, or in some cases, a new operating model.

Paper: ‘Sales Process Excellence – Business Process Review’ Case Study Paper

ISM offers Health Checks & Readiness Assessments in these areas (click on each link for more details):


  • Interviews with senior executives and site visits with functional-level sales, marketing and customer service personnel across your organization.
  • Detailed findings, presented in person to your executive team, including observations, recommendations including quick wins, business impact and next steps.
  • Our popular Health Check/Readiness Assessment Scorecard – an excellent way to quickly understand what you are doing well and where improvement is required.
  • As a follow-on engagement, we can create a comprehensive implementation roadmap to help you address identified gaps and opportunities.


  • A clear-eyed understanding of the current state of your organization’s customer-centric activities, and what needs to change to achieve your business objectives
  • Concrete, actionable steps for addressing people, process and technology issues
  • Increased sales through enhanced customer engagement

Here’s what one company said about their ISM Readiness Assessment:

“In less than a month, ISM applied its structured methodology to highlight major people, process and technology concerns, worked with our technology vendors to secure needed enhancements, and helped ensure needed management commitment to get us back on track.”


To learn more about ISM’s Health Checks & Readiness Assessments, call (301) 656-8448 or email us at