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Social CRM Book Endorsements

“Barton Goldenberg has been at the forefront of Customer Relationship Management for 31 years. As a regular columnist to CRM Magazine since our launch in 1997, Barton has influenced our audience in print, online, and as a conference chair and speaker at our annual CRM Evolution Conference & Exhibition. Barton has also written extensively for many other media outlets and has been a highly sought after speaker at numerous industry events. Social CRM is still in its early stages of development and Barton’s newest book, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM is a must read for anyone trying to get verifiable return-on investment with their Social CRM projects.”

—Bob Fernekees, VP/Group Publisher, CRM Media, a division of Information Today, Inc.

“While Pyrotek is just now dipping our toe in the social media waters, we feel very fortunate to have Barton—and his new book—as our guide while we begin forming a Social CRM strategy.”
—Joe Tarulli, Corporate Sales Development Manager, Pyrotek Inc.

“Social CRM is critical to customer engagement in today’s social media driven world. Barton brings his 31 years of experience with helping best-in-class companies with their customer-centric initiatives to bear in this timely analysis of how to do Social CRM right.”
—Mike Merriman, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mzinga

“As an ISM client, we know the experience and expertise Barton brings to customer-centric initiatives. In his new book, Barton shares his expertise with case studies and a clearly defined roadmap for Social CRM adoption.”
—Chip Devine, Vice President–MultiChannel Business, Ferguson

“Social CRM is the next wave that will engage an organization’s customer relationship efforts through an interplay of Social Media with CRM. As Social CRM is forecasted to grow to a $9 billion global market by 2018, this book will teach the reader how to benefit from this growing phenomenon. No matter the business—or the customer—knowing your customers is key. That’s why Social CRM and Barton’s definitive book are so important.”
—Ron Klyn, Chief Information Officer, Universal Forest Products Inc.

“From shaping CRM to understanding today’s omni-channel digital customer, Barton Goldenberg leads the way again with his compelling insights and methodologies. The timing of his latest book, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, once again demonstrates his forward thinking.”
—Bob Dunfee, 25-Year CRM Veteran

“From shaping CRM to understanding today’s digital client, Barton Goldenberg stays ahead of the curve. That’s why his book on incorporating Social CRM into your customer-centric strategies is so important and timely.”
—Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies

“Barton Goldenberg and his team at ISM have already demonstrated Social CRM success with clients such as AAA, Marriott, ExxonMobil, and Kraft Foods, so when creating your Social CRM roadmap, you’ll absolutely want to read The Definitive Guide to Social CRM.”
—Bob McLaughlin, Former Sr. VP, McGraw-Hill

“Barton Goldenberg is simply the most effective transformational leader I have met. His business acumen is matched only by his ability to understand the dimensions behind how change stems from a customer’s needs to a firm’s operations. Now Barton in his new book, The Definitive Guide to Social CRM, captures how a firm should plan, manage, and leverage social media as a means to increase the bottom line. What makes this book so insightful is the integration of social media capabilities with those of CRM; the narrative is both compelling and practical for any leader trying to bring customer relationship capabilities to fruition—the narrative is a roadmap on how to make that outcome a reality.”
—Cyrus Aram, Senior Director, Blue Shield of California and Lecturer, University of California, Davis

“The one book executives of companies competing for today’s digital customer should read is The Definitive Guide to Social CRM.”
—Neal Keene, VP of Indirect Sales/Customer Engagement Solutions, Pitney Bowes