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AR Field Service Enables Video Explanation of Retirement Goals and Plans

Desjardins Insurance is a Canada-based company that offers various retirement plans to customers. Desjardin management decided to change the process of choosing a convenient retirement benefit plan into a more enjoyable activity with the help of augmented reality. Desjardins Insurance created a mobile AR field service app that provides video explanations of people’s retirement goals and plans when users choose specific options. The insurer has a branded paper card called “Penny Dollar”. When users scan it using the AR app, a virtual 3D model appears on the screen of the smartphone and provides them with useful information in an interactive way.

Augmented reality technology has the potential to change the way insurance services are promoted significantly. With the popularity of smart mobile devices, AR in field service becomes a part of marketing strategies for numerous commercial organizations. By exploring and adopting this AR field service technology, companies strive to get a competitive advantage over other market players.

With the easy availability of smartphones that are capable of showing AR simulations, insurance companies can easily capitalize on smartphone devices. To sum up, they can create awareness about the importance of buying insurance in a fun and interactive way.

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