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VR Technologies Provides for Virtual Collaboration for Vehicle Design

Kia Motors is currently utilizing Varjo VR technology for its visualization process.  The Kia Motors visualization process can move to a totally immersive photorealistic environment. The key effect is that global design reviews can go from days to an hour.

With Varjo VR headsets, designers can work with their colleagues in the physical design space and collaborate on photorealistic, real-scale virtual car models. In an immersive mixed reality experience, the Kia staff is able to communicate, provide immediate feedback, and run more engaging reviews.

The ability to design and collaborate with Varjo’s VR technologies is a total game-changer for Kia’s designers. Designers can now collaborate on the same photorealistic models from wherever they are based around the world, trusting that everything from the smallest details to the full-scale appearance of the car looks correct.

The ability to carry out design reviews virtually presents Kia with the opportunity to save vast amounts of time, work and money.

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