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Mercedes-Benz brings Augmented Reality to Its Service Department

Utilizing Microsoft HoloLens 2 might just make complex repairs easier

As cars get more complex, the process to repair them will get more advanced as well. Mercedes-Benz Canada is hoping to be ahead of the curve when it comes to dealing with complex repairs with a high-tech augmented reality headset that is now used in every one of the brand’s dealerships across the country.

There are two parts to this futuristic solution: The Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset; and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist conferencing and collaboration system. The HoloLens 2 is a wireless augmented reality headset, featuring four visible light cameras for head tracking; two infrared cameras for eye tracking; a depth sensor; five-channel microphone array; and built-in speakers. Together and in the hands of Mercedes’ technicians, they make up Mercedes-Benz Virtual Remote Support.

The technology was piloted back in 2019, as a way to address challenging vehicle repairs. Typically, when a customer comes in with a puzzling issue, it can take a long time to diagnose the issue, let alone get the right parts and apply a permanent fix. Lengthy wait times are not what Mercedes-Benz customers signed up for when they bought the brand’s latest piece of metal, and the delays in returning a car into the hands of an owner could turn off a customer for life.

With this technology, they can collaborate remotely and assist in the repair. The local technician dons the headset and dials his support team, showing and telling them the problem in real time. The device can broadcast the technician’s view to other specialists and experts, who can speak to and hear from the technician on-site.

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